Internet Induced Cat Rebellion – Part 1

– stupid thoughts of a Guinevere

(Guinevere is the fake name

I am giving to myself for this

story, and Lancelot is the

fake name of my boyfriend.)


Lancelot and I were having a pub garden conversation about cats.


I was saying that a lot of internet cats are a bit retarded-looking, physically deformed or genetically weird.


I said that I think the popularity of expensive full-breed cats will probably go downhill because there will be more and more demand for retarded and deformed cats.


There will be cat breeders who find ways of breeding messed-up cats and they will be highly sought after, costing more and more money.


At some stage the normal cats are going to revolt and fight back against the world with a fantastic coordinated strike.


Now, many people debate whether the world will end in a zombie apocalypse or a robopocalypse, but Lancelot and I think it will end in a pussypocalypse.


Lancelot can’t wait!


Lots of love,

From these gorgeous, funny-looking cats.

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